Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wahoo 34 weeks!!

Well we made it to 34 weeks, YEAH!!! Had a Dr. appointment this morning and everything looks great. Blood Pressure and weight were great. Preston's measuring right on and his heart rate is 150's. Dr. Noorda thinks he is weighing around the 5lb mark now. I didn't get a cervical check today but will get one next week to see what all this random contracting has done. I will have my last 17-P shot next week also. Other than the I am doing so great to have made it this far speech, I was told to stay off my feet and relax in the indoors this weekend so we can get to 35 weeks. I am feeling really good about making it to next Tuesday's appointment and hopefully I will get another take home with me baby and not another NICU baby. I'll keep you posted if anything changes but for now we are celebrating each day!!
My 34 week Belly!


Jenn Mobbs said...

Still looking so stinking cute!! Can;t believe he's almost here. Good luck!