Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Preston Updates...

Okay not even sure where I should start with all this because it has been so crazy. I guess I will start with the fun stuff and then go into all the Dr. appointments. We did a 3D ultrasound with Cailtyn at 26weeks and it was so amazing so, we decided to do it again with Preston but wait a few more weeks so he would be nice and chunky on the scan. I went in at 30 weeks 3 days and found that Preston was going to be rather stubborn and keep his hands up by his face. So we got a few shots and reschedule for the following week. I went in again at 31weeks but no such luck again, he was very cushy snugged into the placenta and had his hands up by his face. I decided to give it one last try and came back at 32 weeks. After laying on my right, my left, and getting on all fours to try and have gravity help him move... I still couldn't get this little guy to turn away from the placenta and move his hand. He actually turned completely around and showed us the back of his head when I was done trying all the tricks to get him to move. These were the best shots we got over those few visits... Looks like I am going to have a stubborn little boy who desperately wants to surprise me.

Thought this was so cool. He has hair and you can see it on the ultrasound!!

frowning face

That little arm that wouldn't move.

This is my 32 week belly, I know the bruises look bad but I promise they don't hurt and they are keeping me and this little guy healthy.

Okay on to the not so fun stuff,

My Dr. appointments.

Let start at my 30 week appointment, I had been having a bit of increased pressure so I told my Dr. and he decided to do a quick check and do a Fetal Fibronectin Test (for more info on the test go here ). We discovered that I was very slightly dilated less than 1cm, 50% effaced, and -2 station.

The fFN test came back negative which meant I had a 99.5% chance that I would not go into labor in the next 2 weeks. All of which was reassuring as my OB was leaving for a medical mission to Africa for 2 weeks that evening. So given all that I felt good and I continued with my trip down to PG.

I drove back up to Logan for my 31 week appointment and all was great, my blood pressure, weight gain and fetal growth looked good. I got my 17P shot and headed back down to PG for another week. This is when things got bad. The Sunday we were driving home from St. George I was in major pain, my back and hips hurt and I was experiencing irregular contractions. I spent most of the day laying down or sitting trying to get relief from the pain.

Finally it was Wednesday and time for my 32 week appointment. I went up early as I needed to do my second round of steroid shots to help Preston's lungs develop. I sat in Labor and Delivery for an hour hooked up to monitors to watch baby's heartbeat and monitor for contractions. While there I had several very small contractions, which concerned me. At my appointment I discussed with the Dr. my pains and contractions so he felt I should be checked as the pain I had felt could have been from cervical changes. Sure enough I was now fully 1 cm dilated, 70% effaced and -1 station; meaning the baby was dropping and the increased pressure and contractions was causing my cervix to start to dilate. He recommended modified bed rest and seeing my regular Dr. the following week.

So, for the last several days I have been experiencing irregular contractions and back pain but am trying very hard to remain sitting or laying down to keep this little guy in as long as possible. I meet with my Dr. tomorrow and will be 33 weeks tomorrow so I will update with the results of that appointment as soon as possible. Given all this new info we changed our plans to fly out Dave on the 13th (36weeks) to the 6th (35weeks) and have found away to extend his stay for 2 weeks so he can hopefully be here for the birth of our little man (Now you understand why the fortune cookie was scary). My goal each day is to make it through each day still pregnant... 34 weeks is my "I have to make it there" goal and 35 weeks + is a blessing at this point.


Kristen said...

Oh my goodness girl, I was holding my breath through that last part... darn those little kiddos that wanna come out so early to see their momma! But the upside is... from all those early babies you don't have any stretch marks that I got the last couple weeks! :)

I hope he cooks a lot longer for you, and DEFINITELY that Dave can be back for it. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out more - I'd come over and take the kids all the time!