Monday, June 21, 2010

Swim Lessons

So I decided to sign the kids up for swim lessons this year down in PG so I could have a little help from the Meme and Popop with Caitlyn. It was a two week class, everyday Monday-Friday in the mid morning. We had originally planned for Jocelyn and Ethan to be in the same class as last summer in Texas they were both little fishes with their life jackets on. I guess I was wrong in that thought. Jocelyn hoped right in and did very well listening to her teachers Scott & Kim, we struggled a bit in the beginning to get her to stop plugging her nose so she could use both arms, but by the end of the class she was dunking and bobbing for 5 secs without plugging.

Ethan on the other hand must have completely forgot about last summer because he took serious coaxing to even sit down on the edge of the pool. On the second day we tried to put him in with his life jacket to no success, so we decided we will wait a year and try again. He is a funny kid and maybe with having daddy gone this summer he just wasn't up to try something new.

On the very last day of swim class the kids got to have a fun day. Each class got to go down the water slides that they have at the pool. Jocelyn was so excited she wanted to go first. So needless to say she went down once had a blast and wanted to keep going down... she got to go one more time before class time was up and it was time to go home. She passed off everything in the class and can now move onto Preschool 3 level 3.

Caitlyn enjoyed watching the kids go down the slides.. she was so excited, yelling baby jibberish at them through the gates!!