Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Place in Arkansas

We moved to Little Rock on the 10th of July. Here are a few pics of our place... Its so nice.

Obviously I need to take more pictures but you get the idea. We lucked out this time and got a nice bottom floor apartment. The two flights of stairs to most of the 3rd floor apartments are killer in this heat.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Morning at the Water Park

A few days before we left Tyler we went to this really fun INDOOR waterpark just a few miles outside of town. It had a great kids splash parks, lazy river, wave pool and tons of slides. Jocelyn spent her morning running around with the other girls going from the lazy river to the wave pool. Ethan stayed mostly in the kids splash pad going down the green and blue slide. Caitlyn and Preston hung out with me splashing in the water shooters and in the wave pool. It was so fun, we went early enough that Dave was able to hang out with us for an hour or two before the meeting. Here are a few pictures I managed to take:

Caitlyn's first water slide experience.. she loved the slide part but was a little freaked out by the pool of water at the end... she still hasn't figured out how to stay up with a life jacket on.

Preston really enjoyed splashing the water. He was a little starttled by the Tsunami of water that seemed to happen every 15min or so drenching the entire kids splash pad. It was so fun, glad we were able to go before we left town.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Independence day!!

So our 4th of July started off with a Pancake Breakfast at the Church. They did a cute children's parade but I left the stroller at our apartment and Dave had to leave for his meeting, so we ended up going home after breakfast. We spent the rest of the day laying around by the pool and enjoying the sunshine until it was firework time.

Picture of our little family at the Breakfast.

Around 6-7pm Dave came home and we loaded up the kids to go watch the firework show at Lindsey Park. Evidently this is the show to see each year. It was really hot but there were quite a few clouds so it wasn't unbearable. The kids spent their time running around, playing chase and duck, duck, goose.

Just a little bit before sundown the clouds went from nice fluffy white to black... we could see tons of lightening and heavy rain in the distance but had our fingers crossed that it would stay away so we could watch the fireworks.

Right around 9pm the local police came on the intercom and asked everyone to head to their cars because the lightening in the area was too dangerous. It was pretty interesting to see a huge crowded field of people clear out in under 15 minutes. When we got to our car we decided that we'd rather take the kids to get ice cream and watch fireworks on tv than sit around and wait for the series of storms to pass. It worked out great just after we got our ice cream we drove home and noticed the large development across the street was just wrapping up its firework show. We parked in the clubhouse parking lot with our kiddos and watched the rest of the show.

It was really awesome to see natural fireworks (aka- lightening) along with real fireworks... Made my day for sure.

Here is a video of the finale from that fireworks show across the street.

"Ketchup" Time

Here are some pictures and a video from the end of June before I add all the fun things we have done in July.

Just in case we forgot we are in TEXAS... land of Big bugs this very nasty cockroach decided to remind us... He was HUGE and super fast. Honestly, I will kill most bugs but when they run at me.. well it becomes a job for Dave.

Preston trying his hand at diced carrots... not a huge fan...YET!

So I had promised Jo that we would have a mommy daughter day a little while ago.. but with traveling and such we had been so busy. I finally became good on my promise. Jocelyn and I went with a few of the other moms and daughters out here to IHOP for breakfast. Then we had a quick pedicure before the Dad's had to leave for work and could no longer watch the other kids. Jocelyn loves getting all girlie, we had so much fun.

Preston finally figured out how to clap!! YAY!!