Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're moving to TEXAS

Well to make a long story short, Dave has truly been blessed from working at Pinnacle and they have given us new opportunity for a little bit more of a stable life style. So since about the first part of December we have been working out details of where and when, but have finally come to the brass tacks. We are moving to the Fort Worth, TX area on January 13th. Dave is going out there next week to look at some of the houses we have found online and solidify a place before we move. Although I am a bit nervous about the logistics of being in my 3rd trimester and trying to find a new Dr. in a city that I know not a soul.. I am excited for the adventure my family and I will have. We will miss all of our friends and family, BUT we know this most likely isn't forever..just a fun break. I'll update you with more info as it comes together.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow!!! and some Pre-Christmas Pics

Well when they said expect 4-8 inches of snow I think they meant closer to a foot.. and guess what it is still snowing... So I thought I would share some of our snow fun with you all.
Jocelyn and Dave worked very hard on this snowman.. too bad Misha ate the nose and the mouth.
What a cute little snow bunny :) Ethan has a cold so we kept him inside and only went out when he was taking his nap, poor guy.

Misha really enjoys the snow.. go figure

Okay so we took these on Sunday but they are just too cute for words (I am partial :))

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jocelyn's Preschool Christmas Program

Today was Jocelyn's Preschool Christmas Program and as excited as she was in the car to be a building block in one of the songs, she lost the excitement once we got to the Legacy Center. After a good while of coaxing and tears she finally sat on her teachers lap for the performance. She really didn't do much other than sit there until the last few songs of the program... so we decided to do mostly pictures so you don't have to watch a full hour worth of her sitting.

And of course after it was all said and done she was as happy as can be and couldn't wait to get her candy cane. We said a special thanks to her preschool teacher Mrs. Cochran for helping smooth out the situation. Ethan was a lucky little guy and got to try on sisters costume for a photo opt. What a couple of cuties.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Tuesday Adventure ;)

Okay so finally after a few snow storms roll through the area we get snow about 3-4inches on the ground...wahoo!! Jocelyn and Ethan decided that before we venture out to take Jo to preschool a little time playing in the fresh snow was needed...not sure if they were dancing or doing karate but it was cute anyways.

This is where the adventure for my day began, so we live on this wonderful hill now which is not that big of a deal for us as we are located right after the turn in the road so snow doesn't pose too much of an issue...However, after picking Jo up from preschool and heading home we discovered that it apparently was a big deal for this work truck with a trailer. As we were driving up to the house we saw him drive past leaving from what I thought was my driveway. Come to find out after the local police found him and he came to apologize.. he was coming down the hill and couldn't stop so he plowed right into our mail box and lamp post, dragging our mailbox almost all the way down to our old house. Evidently he had to drop off some building materials to a house down the street and was returning to give me his insurance info when the police found him.. Needless to say I will not be getting you holiday cards on time as I will have to go to the post office to get my mail and well we know how motivated I am to do that. Luckily the nice man moved the lamp post and mail box out of my driveway so I can park in my garage :)

This is how it should look:

This is what I came home to:

Thankfully no one was hurt.. but man what a pain to have to deal with now... Of course it goes to reason that since Dave is out of town this would happen to me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Okay so I know it isn't as personalized as sending a card but its the next best thing :) We just want you to know that we are so thankful for the blessings that have been poured out upon us this year and our family is so grateful for the birth and gift of our Savior Jesus Christ, that He truly is the reason for this season. We pray your holidays are safe and joyous and that the new year brings you and your family wonderful memories.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today was Jocelyn's big day performing at the Sand Expo Center at their Festival of Trees event. She was very excited all morning to get her costume on and dance. I was really nervous that when we got there she would get scared and wouldn't want to do it. However she surprised me and was a really big girl, once she saw her dance teacher she grabbed her hand and I snuck off to go sit in front of the stage and wait for her to perform. She did a great job and remembered a lot of the steps. After the performance we walked around to look at all the trees. Then as a fun surprise we took Jo and E to Maggie Moos for some ice cream.

Ethan enjoyed seeing sister dance too eventhough he was a stinker for the camera :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Fun Thanksgiving in Vegas !!

We had a blast down in Las Vegas visiting with Doug, Jodi and Fam for a whole week. Of course the weather was much milder than up in Utah so we had to take advantage of that by a nice little night dip in the pool. Jocelyn is getting so big and can now swim with either a noodle or a life vest all by herself. Ethan was pretty content to just let his cousin Maddy take him around the pool. I attempted the pool for oh I would say about 20 minutes but it was a little chilly for my blood. The worst part was getting out in the chilly air, which did result in a few colds (should saw that one coming).

The next day we decided to take advantage of the pool when the sun was out hoping that it would be warmer and we could burn off some of the few thousand extra calories we gained from the yummy feast the night before. Jo was pretty much a fish and took some coaxing to get out of the pool so E could have some time playing with daddy. However once E found the goggles he was content to sit on the steps and look cool. We decided to see if Misha would join in the swimming fun and after a few attempts she jumped right in and I honestly think she quite enjoyed herself.

The next day the boys decided that they wanted to go let off some steam and go shooting in the sand canyons. Figuring this was an event I would usually skip I thought with as little as i get to see my hubby I should take advantage and join him. Jocelyn wanted to try her hand at shooting so after a long safety talk with daddy he helped her shoot a 22. Ethan stayed at the other end of the canyon with me and had a blast throwing rocks and the walls. Dave eventually convinced me to try out his handgun which had a lot more umph than I thought but it was a good opportunity to test it out..probably would have been a little bit easier non-pregnant as the kickback shook my belly a little too much so after about the 4th shot I was done for the day.

To add to all this fun we stuffed our faces on left overs and even found time to take our fam to the movies to see BOLT in 3-D which was a cute movie and I am sure Jo would have enjoyed it more if she hadn't fallen asleep through it. All in all it was a wonderful trip and we are so lucky to have such fun family to spend the holiday with. Thanks Doug and Jodi we love you guys!!