Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay Time to Update..Seriously

So since the last post I did.. um we have been crazy busy and there have been a ton of changes. First off, we moved! We were presented with the opportunity to move back to Utah and have Dave return to the summer program rather than the year round program. After several long talks weighing the pros and cons and a night or two of pondering, we decided that it was in the best interest of our family to make the move. So we packed up the house in a week, found a house in Logan to rent and moved in before Halloween. Crazy, yes, but so far so good. I'll post some pics of our house when I get it cleaned up : )

Here are some pictures of the kiddos dressed up for trick or treating. This year we went crazy and went to the mall, the grocery store (didn't even know they did this- was sooo fun), our neighborhood and then our friends Doug & Brandy's neighborhood. The kids were up until 10 trick or treating and scored a ton of candy.


A few things happened in November, Cailtyn turned 8 months old which is completely crazy in my book. I can hardly believe that she is so big. She can say dada and baba. She has become semi mobile with her ability to roll across the room in a few seconds flat. She is now eating baby food more consistently and can sit up. Here is a newer pic of our little cutie.

Jocelyn started her new kindergarten in Logan. She went from an all day class to afternoon kindergarten which has been a bummer for her but she is adjusting fine. She has made a ton of new friends and loves that we live behind the school and we can walk to and from school when the weather allows.

I met with a doctor in Sandy who did a bunch of blood test on me to see why I have had so many pregnancy losses. We discovered that I have PAI-1 5G/5G, MTHFR and elevated anti-thrombin activity.. in general its all a form of blood clotting disorder. Which means baby aspirin for life and a few other things. But I am so glad to have answers and so amazed and extremely blessed to have 3 beautiful healthy children without knowing I was risking their lives and mine in the process.

For Thanksgiving we drove to Washington to spend time with My Dad's side of the family. We had a great time and even brought the beast dog with us on the trip. We attempted to go the Zoo one day but they had switched to there winter hours and we went on a day they were closed. So instead we took a nice drive around Fort Nissqually and then headed back to my dad's house. Thanksgiving day was great tons of yummy food and dessert for "Linner" (Lunch & Dinner). Here are some pics from our trip : )

This Peacock followed us all the way back to our car and I think if we would have tried, it would have got in the car with us. It was a little odd.

This is what we saw on our lovely drive around Fort Nissqually.

The kids having a great time at Great Grandma Battson's house... Caitlyn adored Great Grandma.
We also got some great family pictures while we were out there.

Okay give me a few more days and I will get this darn thing current...