Friday, January 21, 2011

Preston is 6 months old... and we are moving :)

I have packed up Preston's measurement card so I will have to upload that later but at his 6 month well check his Dr. said he is growing great. He weighed in at 13 lbs. 15 oz. which is the 5th percentile on the growth chart for infants his age. He was 25 1/2 inches tall and in at the 15th percentile for height. His pediatrician said he is hitting all the major milestone markers and looks great. We have introduced solids (i.e. baby food) which he has twice a day with a bit of rice cereal mixed in and we continue to breastfeed as he does not like formula on bit. I did however manage to get him to drink about 1 oz of formula the other night so maybe he is starting to like it. Seeing how he is my last little one I am not really bothered by the fact that we are still nursing and figure I can keep it up if needed until we introduce cow's milk around 11+ months. He is really a happy baby and squeals and giggles a lot. He tolerates tummy time for longer amounts of time, especially when his older sister wants to hang out with him. He loves to chew on anything and everything he can get into his mouth. He has recently gained a lot more control over his hands and has been grabbing his binkie and doing the in/out of the mouth game. He continues to gain better control of his balance while sitting up. We still refer to him as "Mr. Mc-puke-r-ton" as he still is a major happy spitter. Other than that he spend most days sleeping, eating with the occasional 1-2 hours of being wide awake playing with siblings thrown in. Here are some of his recent pictures.
Now for moving news.... We signed the year lease agreement this week and got the keys. We have most of our house packed and hope to start carting things over Saturday night. The plan is to be completely moved in by Monday the 24th. We can't wait!!! Jocelyn is a little nervous about starting a new school but she will do great. Ethan will continue to go to his preschool in Logan and I am sure Caitlyn and Preston will love the new space. Here are two pictures of the house I found online. It is in a cul-da-sac so our kids will really love that when it gets a bit warmer out. I will try to update with more pictures once we get moved in and Internet is up and running.

Front of the house

The kitchen :)

Monday, January 3, 2011


Our Shocking News for 2011:
We are MOVING asap.. We found out shortly after Christmas that the rental we are in not only has a major roof leak that has completely rotted out beams by our front door and is covered in moldy insulation; But the sump pump under our house was not working and there are several large puddles of stagnate, mold covered water dispersed throughout the entire crawl space. In light of this new information and the lingering illnesses we've been experiencing since all of this was discovered has led us to want to "get out of dodge". We have been searching the classifieds to find a place and have gone to several potential homes only to be disappointed with them. However, it seems Heavenly Father has sent a major blessing as a home which is very comparable to our old house in Eagle Mountain is available for us to rent starting the 1st of February if not sooner. The family renting it to us are really wonderful people and we are excited to be working with them.
We are really looking forward to this new year in the hopes that it will be filled with more wonderful memories and maybe just a smidgen less stress than 2010. Dave and I have set goals to get in shape and have a killer summer so that we can take the kids to Disneyland next fall. The kids are going to work hard to excel in school, which they are already achieving. The Babies are going to work on growing strong and playing hard. All in all I think we have all set achievable goals for this new year. Hope this new year is a better year than last year for you too!

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We spent the week leading up to Christmas learning about the Savior's birth, making homemade puzzles for Santa, baking yummy goodies and watching movies. Chirstmas Eve day we got the house all ready for Meme, Popop and Ali to come stay with us. That evening we ate a yummy Pot Roast dinner and then decorated sugar cookies and fried fattinman. Just before it was time to go to bed the kids opened their Christmas jammies and Christmas books.
Jocelyn drew Santa on his Sleigh with Rudolph out front leading the way.
Ethan drew the toy Big Foot in the mountains with snow falling all around.

Showing off the new jammies.
The kids woke up bright and early Christmas morning and ran downstairs to check things out before waking mommy and daddy up. Luckily Santa had left out two new Leapster Explorers which allowed mommy and daddy to get an extra half hour of quiet time before the unwrapping craziness began.
Eventually Christmas was rough on daddy as well as Preston.Caitlyn was helping mommy clean up after all the craziness was over. She is such a funny girl.

Snow Day :)

Honestly, our winter has been pretty pathetic here in the "Arctic North". It has been fairly warm so we've had a lot more rain than snow. However a few days before Christmas we did get a few inches so we bundled up all the kids and let them go crazy in the backyard. This was Caitlyn's first legitimate experience in the snow and getting to play with it. She had a great time.

She fell down quite a bit because she still isn't the strudiest of walkers.
She thought pushing the snow around was about the coolest thing ever.