Friday, September 30, 2011

What we've been up to in September....

The month of September has been a busy one for our family. Over the Labor Day weekend we drove down to Pleasant Grove to spend a little time with my Parents. The kids had a blast playing in Mimi's Garden and in Pop-pops studio. That Saturday we met up with Debbie Apperson and Marcie's kids to go to the Williams (Marcie's in laws) house. They have a beautiful indoor pool and a ranch/farm with cows and horses. The kids had so much fun playing in the pool and jumping off the diving board. Even our little Caitlyn wanted in on the diving board action and convinced her Pop-pop to help her jump off. After eating lunch and enjoying the pool for a bit longer we packed up and went down to see the horses and cows they have on their ranch/farm. The kids loved every minute of it and were extremely exhausted by the end of the day. Preston, Caitlyn and Jocelyn fell asleep on the way home. We spent Monday doing some bargain grocery shopping at the WinCo in Orem before heading back up to Logan to beat the Labor Day traffic rush.

Since then life has pretty much gone back to the usual schedule of school Monday -Friday with the addition of dance class for Jocelyn Tuesday nights. During the day I am chasing after/ cleaning up after my two little Tasmanian Toddlers who get into everything.

Preston turned 14months on the 11th and has been discovering how fun it is to open and climb into drawers. Good thing I took Mom Yates advice and put my Tupperware lids in the bottom drawer. He has also learned how to walk and is now walking 85-90% of the time. Needless to say our house is covered with baby gates and shut doors in the attempt of controlling what he gets into now a days. He is such a sweetheart and loves to be held and cuddled. He is also finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis!

Our little Miss Cailtyn is as wild and cute as ever. She spends most of her day in and out of different Princess dresses. If she is not dancing (aka walking around in circles) she is singing with Jocelyn's toy guitar. She has managed to semi potty train herself, however we are not completely out of diapers but plan to be soon. She makes me smile everyday and her vocabulary is getting larger and more understandable.

Ethan is doing awesome in kindergarten. He had a rough week an little while ago and didn't want me to leave him. After a few days of tears and me having to leave while his teacher held him back I decided tough love was the way to go. I sat him down and told him if he couldn't be brave and go to class like a big boy he wasn't allowed to play on the wii when he got home from school. Well sure enough after one day of no wii, I had a big brave boy going to kindergarten everyday. He has been learning how to rhyme and letter sounds in class. He loves going to Library and bringing home books for me to read each week. Here is his school picture, he told me he was a little scared.. which explains his unsure smile. I just love my Ethan bud.

Jocelyn has definitely got into the swing of things at school. She was sent home with a note about talking in class and after the usual punishment and talk, she has been very well behaved for her teacher. She loves art and music class the most. We are continuing to work with her on reading and math which are the two areas she seems to struggle with at school. I believe most of her problem lies in fact that she doesn't take her time and tries to rush though it. She recently started dance classes at a local place in Logan, she goes one day a week and does ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling for an hour. Jocelyn is such an amazing helper to me and although she can be a bit of a drama queen at times she really does have a sweet spirit. Here is her school picture for this year, cute as ever.

Dave came home last weekend after deciding that he could sell just as well here as he was in Reno. Reno and San Diego had been rough on the whole office so I was on board to have him come home and work. He has 13 more sales to go before he hits 200 sales for the year and with his 30+ roll over sales from last year he is already hit an all time career goal for himself personally. We are so grateful for how hard he works to support us. He is such an amazing man and dad, some days I don't know how I was ever so blessed to have him be my eternal companion.

October is looking like it is going to be just as crazy so I will attempt to stay more up to date and take more photos.


BABY #5!!

I know as crazy as it may seem "someone" had big plans for our family. We are excited and thrilled with a side of completely freaked out. I found out a little after the 4th of July while we were still in Texas and since I have an awful history with pregnancy we had several blood test run to make sure things were developing as they should. This little one gave us quite a few scares with low numbers that didn't double as they should have.

When we moved to Arkansas I made an appointment with a Women's Clinic right away to double check that everything was developing properly and find out my official due date. I don't think I have ever been so nervous in my life for an ultrasound. Turns out that worrying was for nothing...

Baby looked prefect on the ultrasound and had a nice strong heartbeat of 127bpm. So we relaxed a bit and just counted down the weeks until our move back home when I could meet with my OB up here in Logan.

A few days before we were set to drive back home I was starting to feeling pretty ill, so we decided that we should probably tell family but I was still feeling insecure about the viability of this pregnancy so I booked an ultrasound at a place we would pass on the way home. Everything looked great and baby had a nice strong heartbeat so we felt confident telling family. That worked out nicely because Mom & Dad Yates and my Mom were at our house for dinner that night. We broke the news by casually placing the ultrasound pictures in with some brochures of things we had done while visiting Arkansas.

A couple more weeks went by and I was finally able to get in to see my OB. First thing we did was an ultrasound to find out my official due date: MARCH 17th , 2012 (St. Patrick's Day) and make sure everything looked good. Baby had a nice strong heartbeat of 178bpm and was wiggling all around. We went over our game plan as far as meds go and nausea management and that was it.

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow (Saturday) and feel pretty good. Still pretty tired but the nausea is gone. I have felt a few flutters of baby but nothing regular, so I am anxiously awaiting that stage. I meet with my OB again on the 13th of October and will be scheduling my 20week scan for some time the end of October. I am excited and anxious to see baby again and make sure everything looks good. We are still unsure when I will start the 17P shots but I am sure it won't be too far off as even now I have been experiencing some cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions. I will update you as we go but as we sit now we fully expect to meet this one somewhere between February 11th and the end of February... hopefully long but doubtful.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ethan's First Day of Kindergarten!!

My little man is getting so big... He started kindergarten on Tuesday. I think I was more nervous than him, worrying about if he would have fun and make friends. Well, I was worried for no reason at all as he had a blast. He was so excited about being able to play on the "BIG" playground. His teacher is very nice and I think she will be great at dealing with his sensitive days. Here is a picture of him outside his classroom, he was very excited that his teacher decorated with happy monsters (he loves happy monsters).