Monday, September 8, 2008

First day at Ballet Class

Okay so since Jo is having such a great time at preschool I thought giving her one more activty a week would be a good way for her to get some of that energy out. So we signed her up for Ballet/Jazz classes through a local dance studio in Saratoga Springs. I have to figure out some way to get the videos I took off my phone because it was just way to cute for words. Jocelyn was completely in her element, she had this huge smile on her face and loved watching herself dance in the big mirrors. She did a great job listening to the teachers and copying the movements. Her favorite part was when they were given pieces of shiney fabric to use as they twirled on the floor. I will try to take more video of her next week and post it as it is just too cute for words.

Silly Kids

I have been blessed with some real characters for kids. Meme and Popop came over and brought with them some fun little dress up items for the kids and naturally they went straight for it. I love my kids they are so funny, best of all they know they are so funny.