Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Updates...

Baby "K" turns 9 months old! Crazy how fast time is zipping by these days. She is growing great according to the Dr. but is on the smaller side of course. Her newest trick is the army crawl and she can really move. Here are her newest stats...

weight: 17 lbs. 6 oz. - 25%
height: 25 1/2 inches- 5%

Obviously Christmas was the big one. My Mom and Todd and Ali came up and stayed the night Christmas Eve. The Kiddos and I spent the morning making My Grandpa Battson's Fudge, sugar cookies and Fattingman dough. I think the kids loved the fudge most because they both got to lick the spoons after.

Before dinner, I dressed the kids up in their Christmas clothes for a group picture.. Wow was that an event. I think this was the best shot of all three, they were all looking at me (Wahoo!!!). Caitlyn was pretty preoccupied by all the shiny paper under the tree so most shots of her looked like this...

We finished off home baked pizza for dinner and then opened our traditional Christmas Jammies : )

We finished the night off with a Christmas movie and then headed to bed waiting for Santa to come in the morning. Santa spoiled everyone this year and the kids had a great Christmas. We opened presents and then lounged about for the rest of the day. My Mom and I made a delicious Christmas Day dinner with Ham, Turkey, Cheesey potatoes, fried corn, broccoli and whole grain rolls. Here are a few pics from Christmas Morning...


In January we drove the whole family down to Las Vegas to spend the New Year with Doug and Jody and the cousins. We had a great time down there and ended up leaving our kids there for a week while Dave and I went on a Cruise to the Mexican Rivera with Pinnacle. We had such a great time on the cruise. Tons and tons of sleeping in and relaxing on the beach. This is a picture of the ship we went on, it's the Carnival Splendor and it was huge...

We had two days at sea and then we stopped at our first port which was Puerto Vallarta. It was very beautiful there. We found a close beach and I spent the morning relaxing on the beach while Dave tried his hand at the Jet ski's. Around lunch time we all loaded up on a bus to do the Zip line excursion Pinnacle had paid for. Dave had a great time zipping through the trees, I on the other hand ate a yummy lunch and sat by the river and read a book.

Video of Dave on the Zip Line

The next day we docked in Mazatlan and spent the day at the El Cid Resort. We sat on the beach all day and watched the guys play football. Dave and I took a walk down the beach to see if we could find our hotel that we stayed at during our honeymoon, however the tide was in and blocked the way. Oh well it was still a fun day!! Our last port was in Cabo San Lucas, I think it was probably our favorite port even though we were only there half the day. We got up early and went to one of their famous beaches with The Barnett's and the Toone's. When we got there it was pretty much just us. There are two sides to the beach one side is a very pretty, soft sand, calm side called "Lover's Beach". The other side is called "Divorce Beach" it has rougher sand and the waves crash onto the beach. The sun was only up on the divorce side so we spent most of our time watching the waves and the guys act crazy.Okay so the story behind the Pelican is this... We watched this pelican get completely rocked by the waves and crashed onto the beach. It was pretty sad at first because he crashed on the beach and didn't move so we thought he might be hurt. Then he started to slowly move up the beach. Each time it heard a wave crash it would continue to move up the beach in a straight line, picking up speed each time it moved. Until it got right, and I mean right in front of us.. and then it just kept going, I guess it was thinking it would just go straight through us, but Doug and Brandy moved out of its way. It went a bit further up the beach past where we were sitting and dried out in the sun.
This was pretty much the entire Pinnacle Group that went on the Cruise. We had a great time!

The last big thing in January was an ultrasound I had on the 13th. We had found out the first of December that I was pregnant again but given my history we weren't getting too excited yet. I started my daily Lovenox shots (blood thinning shots for my clotting issues) and my other meds immediately. We had our first ultrasound on the 23rd of December with the great Dr. I was seeing in Sandy. He confirmed we were indeed pregnant and that baby was measuring 6 weeks 3 days and had a very strong heartbeat of 136bpm.
We told family and a few close friends but kept it mostly quiet as we had experienced later losses before. On January 13th we met with my OB in Logan and had another ultrasound. Baby looked great and was measuring right on target at 10 weeks 1 day with a very strong heartbeat of 196bpm. Our newest little one was wiggling and moving all around during the ultrasound. Our chance of miscarriage at this point is down below 5% so we are feeling more confident that come August 10th, 2010 we will have a new addition to the family. This is the same due date as Jocelyn so we will see if she gets a brother or sister for her birthday since I have never made it past 37weeks.

Baby's Heartbeat- around 180bpm