Monday, June 21, 2010

Other fun Activities..

Since my Parents house isn't technically "baby proofed" , if the kids aren't busy doing something then they are getting into something. So we decided to get them into a few other things while we were down in PG.

Every First Saturday of the Month Home Depot does a Do-it-yourself Kids workshop, they supply the kids with all the materials, tools, and a cute orange apron. When they complete the project they get a pin with a picture of the project on it for their apron. We have been doing these since April and the kids have loved it. This months project was a mini fuse ball table.. the kids enjoyed it and even though it was way crazy down in Lindon compared to up in Logan we finished the project and they got their new pins.

We also signed them up for a weekly cooking class since they love to help mommy cook in the kitchen. Ethan's was a Mommy and Me class. The first week we made Pancakes and Strawberry shakes... which all smelled super yummy. The second week Ethan made mini corn dogs and a Strawberry Poke cake. He is quite the chef and was so excited to do it all himself.

Jocelyn's Class was all by herself but she requested Meme's presence most of the time. She actually got to do 3 classes because we were down in PG for the first class. She made Pancakes, Corn dogs, Strawberry biscuits, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Strawberry shake floats, Pizza Pockets and Strawberry Slushes.

Between all this, swim class and playing in the pool on the deck.. the kids were pretty exhausted most days.