Tuesday, June 22, 2010

33 week appointment update

Well we are going to take the no news is good news approach. My Blood Pressure was 100/74 and Baby Preston is measuring spot on even though I have actually lost 1 lb this week. I was actually concerned about this as I had no weight gain the week prior. However, My Dr. says as long as I am eating (which I have been eating like a teenage boy) and baby is growing he is not concerned. He was so excited I am 33 weeks and still pregnant, he said when he first met me and read my history he didn't think I would make it this far. We did not do a cervical check as he didn't want to irritate things considering where I was last week. He also didn't do the fFN test as results past 34 weeks are not that accurate and felt it wouldn't tell us much at this point. He wants to keep me pregnant at least 2 more weeks and then he said beyond that is icing on the cake and we will just let nature take its course.

I have two more 17-P shots and then we are done. He said to keep taking it easy and keep up the fluids. If I experience contractions 10 min apart for more than an hour head straight to L&D and get checked out and we will medicate from there if we haven't reach 35 weeks yet. Other than that I see him next week and continue each week until delivery. I asked him if he thought I could make it to full term with the progress I have made already and he just sorta smiled and said its a nice thought but realistically we will be lucky to get to 35 weeks.

I am nervous, excited and overwhelmed by the thought that I could be meeting my little guy in 14 days. I know he will be fine and everything will happen as it is suppose to but I really hope these next two weeks go by quickly and smoothly, then I think I can start breathing a little easier.

My latest belly shot from today....


Brandy said...

I just saw your blog. Congrats on your pregnancy. We have since moved to Georgia. I can remember that you had just had a baby when we met in Texas. Time flies! I am glad that you are doing well. Will be thinking about you these next couple of weeks.