Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our New Place

Okay a little overdue but here are some pictures of the inside of our new place.
Front Door
Hallway to the Right of the front door
Laundry room that goes out to the Garage
Master Bedroom- we obviously need to Paint so our stuff goes.
Our Closet- We finally have a REAL Closet!!
Mater Bath- Again I really need to coordinate my bedding with other stuff in the Master bedroom.
Kitchen Dining
Front Family/Sitting room
Caitlyn's Room- to the right in the upstairs hall
Kids Bathroom
Preston's Room- to the left in the upstairs hall
Stairs to the Basement
Basement Family Room- Soon to be Theater Room once we get an Electrician over to set up our Projector.
Kids Playroom
Other half of the Basement Family Room
Jocelyn's Room- in the basement hall on the right
Ethan's Room- to the left in the basement hall

We absolutely love our new place and the kids are enjoying the space. We feel so very blessed we were able to not only find this place but were able to get it with the option to buy in a year or so. Our new ward is awesome and the neighborhood seems great and full of kids. Jocelyn is loving her new school and is finally being challenged with her schooling.