Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gotta Love it

So we all know I have a small obsession with clouds and weather. Well we are having one of those days that starts out all sunny and ends with thunderheads that turn into something just beautiful.
Well I guess this little beauty turned into a Severe Thunderstorm with Golf ball size hail and strong winds.. We just got some serious RAIN and some Lightening. Here is a little video clip to show you Oregon really does have alot of Rain :)

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

So this is a short post to say Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!! And yes I know its late but its here. Dave turned the big 28 on May 22nd and spent the latter half of his birthday working (but got 2 sales!!!wahoo!!!)..honestly what a stud. He received a camping BBQ and an x-box 360 wireless router courtesy of me, and both set of parents. He dined on Spaghetti one night and King crab legs another night so I think all in all he couldn't have had a better birthday considering our new lifestyle :)

So this post is really just a shameless excuse for me to tell you how blessed I am to be sealed to such an amazing man. He truly is my knight in shining armor and no matter what life seems to throw at us I know I will always have him and he will always work hard to make our life a dream. Oh and Dave if you read this: I love you and so glad I get to be your wife for forever :)

Trip to Washington

Since we live so close to Washington now, it just makes sense to go up and visit with my we did. We drove up with Miriam on Monday May 19th and played for a couple days. After a semi-good nights rest (kiddos were too excited to be at Grandma and Grandpa's to sleep) We had a slow start to the morning. Ethan spent his morning chatting with their dog Chip, and Jojo as you can tell was so pleasant relaxing in the chair.
We decided after a short trip to the store that drawing with chalk outside would be a nice way to spend a warmer day in the sun. With a little help from Grandpa they both figured out how to use the fun chalk tools and Ethan even figured out how to draw with chalk.
Of course it didn't take too long for Jo to get bored and want to do something else.
Even though our trip was a short one we had a ton of fun and are really excited for them to come down and visit us. Since we didn't drive up we got to go home on the train, which was a new experience for both me and the kiddos. As you will notice there are no actual pictures of us on the train.. but just imagine travelling with two young children without naps and who are really really excited to ride the train for the first time...makes more sense now huh!

What we do in our spare time..

Okay I know this is sad, but honestly do you blame her.. she is the only little girl here except on Sundays. Plus this way we have tons of blackmail photos for our boys when they get older :)

And of course Jo can always find time to teach the boys how to dance....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ethan's 2 Year Old Birthday!!!

Wow the time sure flies... Ethan turned the big number 2 on Sunday May 4th, 2008. Since we are out in Oregon the party guests consisted of mostly guys that are working out here for the summer, but we were lucky enough to have our friends Doug, Brandy, Logan, Andrea and Cayden. I think all in all it was a great party, probably not one Ethan will remember other than in scrapbooks but oh well. We did a Disney Pixar Cars theme and invited everyone over for a BBQ followed by cake and ice cream. What a beautiful way to spend a gorgeous Sunday.

Ahh.. the beloved birthday party favor..THE BALLOON!!! Why did we even bother spending any money on presents.

Well at least Jojo was happy. Ethan had just woken up from his afternoon nap and well lets just say he wasn't the happiest birthday boy. After Dinner we decided to bust out the presents before all the kids got frosted.
What a patient boy waiting to play with his presents while the other kids are playing with them. It didn't last long so we decided to go to the Cake and Ice Cream. Here is my attempt at a Race Car Birthday Cake :)

And of Course in classic Ethan style the minute we start to sing it leads to .....

Well at least it was short lived and once we got some cake in front of his face he was super happy. It is really crazy to think that this tank of a kid was once a fragile little 4lbs 12ozs baby two years ago.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Place in OREGON

Well after a great 12+ hour drive, our little family has arrived safe and sound in West Linn Oregon. It is absolutely beautiful here and other than a few days of major rain we have been adjusting well. Granted this place is nothing like our little home in Eagle Mountian, it will most definately work for the summer :) So here you go our little home away from home tour...
The Kitchen & View from Patio

Front Room & Dining Room

Jocelyn & Ethan's Rooms

Kids Bathroom

Master Bedroom & Bathroom
So its not much too look at as we only brought the essentials with us, but it is a great place to live for the summer. We are so blessed that Dave's Job put our family up in such a wonderful complex.