Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Trip to St. George

On top of all the exciting activities we had planned for Jocelyn and Ethan, we decided that a trip down to St. George to visit with (Great) Grandma & Grandpa Sorensen would be fun too. Plus the weather up in central Utah was suppose to be rainy and a bit cooler so we wanted to head south and enjoy the sunshine some more.
With the Beast of the Suburban all packed up we headed down Friday afternoon after Jo's swim class. The kids love the new boat as it has a DVD player and they don"t have to sit right next to each other. I love it because it does minimize the "he's touching me" and "Jojo's kicking me" arguments. Caitlyn seems to enjoy the front facing now too, as she can watch DVDs and lounge in her car seat.

Road trip went great, we stayed at Gma & Gpa's Friday night and then Saturday we did a little bargain shopping at the St. George Kid to Kid. This is our new favorite store as we can get some really cute clothes for the girls and save tons. Mom and T got me and the kiddos a hotel room for Saturday so that we could go swimming and give Gma & Gpa Sorensen a bit of a break. We checked in at about 2pm and managed to get some swimming in before the major thunderstorms that were threatening the area all day rolled in. As you can see Ethan finally found his fins for the water again. Caitlyn took to the water just like her brother and sister, splashing mommy and Popop and yelling at all the other people in the pool.

(P.S.- sorry about the wicked Farmers tan, but how often does a pregnant women get into a swim suit to get an even tan.)

We are still trying to get this little one to walk before her brother gets here, but its likely not going to happen... C'est la vie.
After we cleaned up and the rain stopped dumping we went out to dinner at this Mongolian BBQ grill right by all the outlet stores. The food was way yummy and after some coaxing even my picky eater of the night Ethan was chowing down. Caitlyn loved it so much she was licking her plate clean.
As with any oriental style place you get fortune cookies for dessert... well we all got Evil Fortune Cookies. Mind you I am at risk for Preterm Labor/Delivery and have been planning on flying Dave home when I hit 36weeks as we had Caitlyn at 36weeks 4 days. Then to get this fortune...
was a little creepy, but it got worst when we opened Mom and Ethan's.
My Mom's said "you will be making a very exciting trip very soon that will make you very happy" and
Ethan's said "you will meet a new person soon who will become your best friend". It gets creepier when you read my baby update post.
Sunday we headed home but before we could go we stopped by the little lake just down from Gma & Gpas's to feed the ducks/geese. We had a really good time in St. George and it was fun seeing family again. Next time we do it I will be a mommy of 4!!!