Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Baby UPDATE!!

Just got back from the peri- Good News first: Caitlyn looks wonderful she is measuring a few days ahead and is already at 3lbs, her HB was 155bpm and she was very active.
Bad News: My cervix is short and gets shorter with pressure..So with my previous history they gave me steriod shot for Caitlyn's lung development and gave me my first of hopefully many 17P injections. They also did the FFN test to see if I will likely deliver in the next 14days, but I won't know results on that until friday. I was pretty much told to sit on my butt and not do much until I get the results back from the FFN test. I see my regular OB next fri and then the peri again the following week. So send your prayers this way that Caitlyn will stay cooking in me for several more weeks.

Here is a pic from my sono at the peri's

First taste of Texas Winter

Well Dave and I have officially had our first taste of what winter in Texas means... here are pics from the ice storm that hit us last night. Fortunately most of it is melting this afternoon.
Last Night:

This morning:

Our poor cars had the brunt of it too, as we still have alot of boxes in our small garage... oh joy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

Okay we now officially have Internet!!!! Yeah life is really hard without online access. So just a quick update on us since I know you all think we have disappeared.

Last Monday I had my dr. appt and it went really well, I really like my new dr. and she seems to be very on the ball with all the test and lab work she ran just in that first visit. She is referring me to a Perinatologist (i.e. High Risk Dr) that I will be seeing tomorrow, mainly for closer monitoring and possibly some P17 shots which may help me carry Caitlyn closer to full term. So for now I will see both dr. alternating weeks (Oh boy a dr. visit with ultrasounds every week).

We received our furniture on Saturday, and I am so so so grateful for my bed.. it was amazing how much we had missed just sitting on couch or even watching a movie on a TV rather than a laptop. We have spent most of the last few days unpacking and getting things organized so I will post pictures of our place soon.

We also had DISH and Internet installed so my poor hubby and little tornadoes have something other than me to entertain them. Its been nice to catch-up on everyones blogs without having to wait an hour for the site to actually show.

Jocelyn and Ethan seem to be adjusting well but have caught some sort of bug or virus as they both had low grade fevers this morning. It could have been the weather change which was 80 degrees this last Friday but has now changed to freezing rain/drizzle today.

Dave is a trooper and has been trying to get out and sell more consistently now that things are finally getting settled. He sold 6 accounts yesterday BUT not one passed credit and from what he said on the phone they all seemed pretty bummed that they didn't pass credit as they really wanted the system. He is out selling today but will most likely be home early before the roads get to bad, he's hoping that since most places closed due to the weather, more people will be home. I sure do love my husband he is such a great man and a hard worker.

So okay I think that is the latest news on our end.. I will try to get some pictures and such up in the next couple days so you can see our place.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are HERE!!!!

Okay so technically we don't have our modem for Internet yet.. but we have a very nice neighbor who doesn't have a secured wireless network (so we are borrowing). We are here in Texas and I love the house.. Dave did such a great job. Our furniture just barely got packed on Wednesday soooo it looks like we will be a few days without comfort. The area is great and we are really close to the necessities :) Jo, E and Misha did great on the car ride. Surprisingly enough we made really great time with stops and all. This week we will be getting most of our set-up grocery, furniture, Internet and such done. The guys that came out this week for the Sales Blitz week have been doing great so we are really excited about Dave being able to get out there next week when he has clothes. I have a dr. appt on Monday so I will try to update you all after that.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

3-D Ultrasound today!!

All I can say is 3-D ultrasounds are the coolest thing ever, it was amazing seeing Caitlyn all folded up in there. She is still in the breech position (head up by my ribs and mostly bum down by my hips) which actually is perfectly fine with me, hopefully since she is my first baby to ever be breech maybe she will stay in there and cook longer. Anyways we got 43 pictures of our cute little girl and it was fun for the kids to see her face.

Just for fun we were looking at Jo's newborn pic and Caitlyn's ultrasound pic...they look pretty similar, what do you think?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looks like we have a house :)

Yea!!!! Dave went out there today and walked through this house and it looks like it will be just perfect for our family. Its a 5 bed 3.5 bath house with about 3400sq ft of room for our little tornadoes. This is such a huge relief for me to know we aren't just going to drive out there and be stranded. Through a random occurrence Dave found out this area is very desirable and that it is a pretty much the Texas version to the Eagle Mountain area. Driving around the neighborhood he found out that they are building a new LDS meetinghouse about 1.5 miles away from this place, scheduled to be done this summer. Honestly the Lord is watching over every step of this move because we couldn't have planned it any better. I'll update you all more as it comes together..but e-mail us for our new address.