Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness Part 1

March has been a great month so far. We started off with my 28th Birthday on the 2nd, which to be quite honest I wasn't looking forward too. However, my awesome hubby made it a wonderful day. He made me breakfast in bed and then sent me to get my back adjusted, an hour massage and then treated me too an Aqua Chi cleansing...
(Not my feet ^ but a picture so you know what it looks like). Basically it is a little machine that they put into a tub of water, add a little salt and turn it on. Within a few minutes the water turns this nasty color and you feel like a thousand little bubble coming out of the bottom of your feet. It is suppose to help cleanse your blood and give you an energy boost. I liked it a lot. After that we went home and my Mom took me out for some serious shopping. We finished the night with a Yummy dinner at Elements and Bowling at the fun park. It was a great way to spend my birthday.
On the 11th our little "Puke Machine" Preston turned 8 months old. It is so crazy to me how fast he seems to be growing up. He is gaining weight like a champ and is finally converted over to the bottle and rarely nurses anymore which although a bit bitter sweet is a welcomed freedom. He is really starting to babble and squeal. Most times he says some form of "mamama" which, I am more than happy to accept "ma-ma" as his first word since he is usually yelling that at me. He is getting better at sitting up on his own. However, we are still battling the sleeping through the night issues... most nights he is still up every 3 hours.
The Saturday before Dave left for his next Blitz week it was a pretty warm day and most of the snow had melted so we took the opportunity to take the kids to the park just down the street. They had a blast getting out of the house. We also learned that our little Caitlyn is quite the fearless little girl.
Can I just tell you how funny it is now that Jocelyn looks forward to the random Holidays like Valentines day and St. Patrick's Day because she can dress up and where fun things (i.e. glitter make up or jewelry). We got into the Luck of the Irish spirit here in the Yates Home by wearing green, eating green foods, and playing Irish type games. Here are some pictures from our fun day!!

(^ green french toast, Pesto Chicken Bake with Broccoli and Parsley French Bread, Hot Potato and Stomp the Shamrock a.k.a freeze dance).

Friday, March 18, 2011


We had so many huge snow storms in the month of February so rather than me blogging about each one I figured I would just lump them together... so here goes

First Big one... February 16th...

Next Big One... February 22nd

Then Finally Our Biggest Yet... February 24th..

Celebration Fun!!

So We started February off with a bang by Celebrating My mom's (Insert appropriate # here ) birthday. The kids had a great time and even helped their Meme blow out the candles. I love my momma and wanted her to feel special on her birthday so I made her a brownie cake. It was completely gone by the next morning.

Then of course we had Valentines day on the 14th. Both Jocelyn and Ethan had school Valentines day parties, so they were excited for about a week leading up to the day. Dave and I took the babies out with us for our "Romantic" Valentine Lunch at Beehive Grill. That night we treated the kiddos to a yummy homemade dinner, sparkling apple cider and a special Valentines Day Cake. Here are a few pictures from that day.

Also the 11th of February meant Preston turned 7 months old.. His eyes are still pretty blue so we have high hopes they will stay that way. His 7 month old tricks are working on sitting up and putting everything he can get his hands on in his mouth. Minus the fact that he doesn't sleep through the night he really is a great baby.