Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a Zoo day!!

Okay I know I am a little behind on events so I will try to catch back up. When my mom was down here we decided to take the Kids to the Portland Zoo since it was suppose to be a really nice day, or at least we thought. What we didn't account for was the fact that it was early morning and most of the zoo is under tree cover was actually pretty cold but the kids were troopers. This is a pic of all the kids looking at a sleeping black bear, it kept moving so they thought it was pretty entertaining not to mention we had them all growling like bears.

Next we went to the fish, this was Ethan's favorite because he can actually say "fish" well "fis" is what it sounds like but that is close enoughThen it was off to the petting zoo portion of the zoo which we thought the kids would really enjoy. Most did but Jo seemed to be in a bad mood by the time we got there because she just put on a frowny face whenever we tried to get her to pet an animal. At least Ethan enjoyed it!!

Here are a few more of the animals we saw at the zoo..

We were pretty lucky the day that we went they were really trying to draw attention to their wild cat exhibits so the kids got to say hi to "Tony the tiger" It was a blast and one of the cooler zoo's I have been to.