Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest News

Well as most of you know we are putting Jocelyn in Preschool this year, but have sort of put it in the back of our minds with all the drama in our lives, Not to mention us currently living in Oregon. However I called today to figure out monthly tuition costs and when classes started so I could figure out when we need to be back in Utah....Well we have to be back before AUGUST 18th. I about died when the gal told me that because we had really thought it would be starting the end of August and we would only be without Dave for 4 weeks as he will be coming home around the end of September. So looks like me and the kids will be returning home in 5 weeks so Jo can start preschool. I am really excited to be coming home but really sad that I will have to be without Dave for so long (I think we will have to plan a weekend trip or two for him). Hope everything hasn't changed too much, see you all soon!!!


Kristy said...

My sister is starting a preschool out of her basement this year and it's really quite cheap since it's her first year. I'm helping her decorate it and it's going to be so dang cute! I don't know if you are interested but here's her number if you are. Melissa lives in the city center. 369-4582