Monday, July 21, 2008

FHE-Monday July 21st

Okay so I am really horrible at doing FHE, normally I consider just sitting together as a family watching a movie or playing a board game a good FHE. But I have been trying to be better at it especially since Jo is getting bigger and can really participate in whatever we do. I am going to have to give big thanks to Brandy's blog because one of her links was to a FHE blog that is geared to children 0-5 which just rocks in my book. So I wanted to share a pic of the treat I managed to make for this weeks FHE lesson from that blog. I was thrilled that it turned out as well as it did. Here you go:

If you want directions on how to make them just click the FHE link in my blog list.

UPDATE: So I figured I would post how the FHE tonight went and what the kiddos did. Oh and by the way the sky dessert was SOOOOO YUMMY!!

Okay so here are the Lehi's Vision Pictures the kids did. Ethan was less than cooperative tonight so I helped him color his poster. Jojo's poster isn't done yet but she wanted to eat her sky so she is going to color it later.