Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

For the 4th of July my Dad came down to visit with me and the kiddos and help us celebrate the day since Dave was out working hard in the heat. We didn't really budget in fireworks this year so we settled for pop-it for the kids. I think it was a great plan as I am a little leery of the sparklers and the hot sparks it shoots off with Ethan (aka accident prone boy). They did really well with it Jojo could make them pop most of the time, but Ethan on the other hand had a hard time..he did manage to do it once or twice.

We were sitting down eating dinner trying to decide where we should go to watch fireworks when I got a call from Dave saying he was on his way home and wanted to take the kids to go see "Wall-e", it was a great surprise! So we loaded up the kids and headed for the movies. They were really really extremely good through the whole movie. Ethan was content to sit on my lap as long as he had a jumbo sprite in his hand and the popcorn close by. It was a cute movie but don't think it was all that entertaining for our kiddos as they seemed to get really restless during the last 30 minutes of the movie. After the movie was over we rushed home to see if we could watch fireworks from our patio. Sure enough we could see some big ones just down the street so it was probably one of the best 4th's considering we were just winging it.