Friday, July 25, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper: Diaper Changer

Okay so a funny thing happened this morning.. our usual routine is Jocelyn comes in our room at about 8-8:30am and crawls in bed with us for about a half hour or so and then makes some comment about Ethan being awake because she can hear him in the monitor. Then Dave or I usually tell her to go get Ethan followed by Dave or I drawing the short straw to change his diaper and feed them breakfast. HOWEVER, this morning I had a little helper. Jocelyn did the usual routine but instead of just getting Ethan, she went into his room and changed his diaper for us. Ethan has been doing the "assume the position" changing here lately, where he tells us he is pee pee and then lies down on the ground or bed. Well this morning was no exception he did that and Jocelyn took it upon herself to get the diaper and wipes and take care of his pee pee diaper. It was a wonderful suprise when she came out of Ethan's Room and told us she had changed his bum. Here are some pics of E after the change.. she really did a great job!