Monday, January 2, 2012

Third Trimester..

More Baby Update.... So not only was it Christmas eve but it also marked the start of the THIRD Trimester for me... WAHOO!!! 28 weeks is a big milestone, baby weighs about 2.5 lbs (1.1kg) and is about 10 inches (25cm) from crown to rump and 15.75 inches (35 cm) long from head to toe. Baby's survival rate outside the womb has jumped up to 85-90% which is a lot better but still way to early. Here is my latest belly pic.. she is definitely growing in there.

Since my last appointment at 26 weeks wasn't super fabulous due to the fact that I am already starting to efface although she is still high and I am not dilating , I spent as much time as possible laying low. I had another appointment just this last week but my OB was out of town so we have no new information on how things are holding up down there. I did however receive my first set of steroid shots for lung development on Thursday and Friday. These triggered some really unnerving contractions that have since diminished some but with Dave out of town I am not taking any chances and have put myself on some modified bed rest so I can keep this little girl cooking. My next doctors appointment is the 12th of January and I am very anxious to see what is going on and if this little girl has moved from breech position as I am fairly sure she has, so I will keep you updated.

On a fun note besides my normal cravings for meat, potatoes, and churros... I had a new one this week that I have had before I think with Caitlyn.... Maraschino Cherries... yum!


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