Monday, January 2, 2012

A fun start to December

December has been a super crazy busy month for us so I will make a huge attempt at consolidating it so you don't have to read a novel.

Ethan was picked as the start student of the week in his Kindergarten class the first week in December. This meant he was the teachers special helper during the day at school and on Friday of that week he was able to bring a few items from home and have his parents share things about him. It was really fun to go and see my shy little guy shine. He told all the kids about his favorite toys and books and about his family. I am constantly amazed by how much he has truly come out of his shell.

Later that same week I had to take my sweet Jo in for more dental work. This poor mouth has had so many teeth pulled because its so tiny. Besides the top two that were pulled earlier this year she had a molar pulled due to a cracked filling and had a spacer placed. Then she had an additional two teeth pulled on the bottom and a spacer placed so that her four permanent front bottom teeth can come in straight. She has really been such a trooper and has been so brave getting all this done. Unfortunately I see braces coming in the future for this one.
Just a cute moment of some down time with Daddy I captured. Caitlyn has really developed her imagination play and it is so fun to watch. She was doing daddy's hair this day. Daddy is such a good sport.

Pregnancy update: Here is a picture from right after Thanksgiving, I have officially hit the point of viability ~ 24weeks. I don't really like that term but this is the point at which if baby were born she would have a chance at surviving and the hospital would make attempts to help baby survive. I don't usually feel that excited about hitting this point as the chance for survival is only ~60% compared to 28 weeks when it jumps to ~80%, but you celebrate each milestone when you have rough pregnancies. Anyways, here is my 24 week belly pic....

I was also lucky enough to get another ultrasound done at my doctors office that week to check my cervical, which was good at 3cm and to see if the choroid plexus cyst was resolved or not, which it is completely gone. We were able to watch baby girl in 3D and definitely confirm she is in fact a SHE. She was measuring perfect at about a pound and everything was working as it should. Here is the best picture we snapped of her as she is just like her brother Preston and had her hands curled up in front of her face and she was snuggled into the placenta.