Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trip to Missouri

Since we were within a few hours of my family in Missouri it seemed a bit ridiculous not to drive up and visit, the last time we were there Jocelyn had just turned 1 yrs old. We planned a fun family Sunday with Aunt Patty & Uncle Tim, Grandpa Thomas & Kathy, Aunt Alicia, Brandon and his kiddos,and Breanna and her family. The Mabe family are the Owners of the First Show on Branson, The Baldknobbers. Its a great show and I am so bummed that we didn't have enough time to go and see it, especailly now that tons of my family preform in it. Next time for sure.

Our drive up was great and it was so fun to drive through such familiar areas. We got to my Aunt Patty's around noon. We visited for awhile and enjoyed some lunch with them. My Cousins kids and are kids got along famously and had a blast playing and tearing up my Aunt's house. Around 3ish we said our goodbyes as we wanted to take the kids to see some sites in Missouri.

We drove down towards the Branson area and took the kids to the Talking Rocks Caverns. I remember going to these caves when I was younger and thought it would be fun for the kids. Other than being a little nervous about the height on the way down into the cave Jocelyn enjoyed it. Ethan was in little boy heaven and thought everything was just the coolest thing he had ever seen. Caitlyn did not enjoy being held by daddy the entire time but did seem to enjoy the atmosphere and Preston was just along for the free ride. After the caves our kiddos were completely done so we hopped into the car and headed home.

Other than a few whines and complaints about the long drive it was a wonderful day spent enjoying the area and spending time with family.