Saturday, August 27, 2011

H O M E !!!

Naturally it seems that when you are getting ready to pack up and leave for a long trip something always goes wrong... for us it was Misha needing staples in her paw a few days before and then Ethan coming down with a random bug the day before. No worries though we were prepared and brought along a puke bucket; No, honestly he was feeling much better the day we packed up the Suburban. We tried to be more strategic this time and left Saturday night when Dave got off work so that we could drive a few hours and our kids could possibly sleep. It worked for the most part we drove from Little Rock, AR to Oklahoma City, OK which was about a 5 hr drive so we got into our "oh, so fabulous" room at around 2am. We had a interesting nights sleep with children who had received their second wind, and woke up the next morning at around 8am.

Day 2 was a doozie, we planned to drive from Oklahoma City, OK to Moab, UT making for one long day and a couple short days. The thought process was it would be easier on the kids; I think it was in the end. Anyways it was a very long Sunday but the kids and the dog were great. We arrived in Moab around 11am MT and being the genius I am did not schedule a room as I thought "honestly, how busy can Moab be on a Sunday night". Major flawed thinking on my part... after 5 hotels shutting us down either for no vacancy or no pets we decided to bite the bullet and go to the pricier hotels. Luckily, we got a great room on our first try. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and surprisingly the price wasn't hideous. They had amazing beds and after a long day of traveling we all just laid in bed and unwound before turning out the lights.


Day3 was awesome because we were literally only 5 hours from home so we got up and everyone showered, grabbed a quick bite from the free continetal breakfast and we were off. On the way home we made a few necessary stops before arriving in Nibley at around 2pm. Now that's the time of day to get home. Dave's parents came over to visit with us and brought us dinner which was so yummy and so thoughtful as cooking was the last thing on my mind. My mom also showed up a little later to get in her much needed grand baby fix and help me out for the week. After everything winded down we attempted to get to be early as Dave had to catch his plane back to Arkansas the next morning at 5:30am.

We are so glad to be home but so grateful for the wonderful summer we had to spend together as a complete family. Now we are just cheering Dave on to reach his Goals and hopefully come home the end of September.