Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Baby Turned 1!!

So my itty bitty baby turned one years old. I swear each time the first year goes by so much faster. Since Preston's birthday fell on a Wednesday we had a small family celebration minus Dave and then planned a big one for the following Sunday. Preston was in a great mood and super excited to try his hand at a cupcake for the first time. As you can tell from the pics he wasn't to sure about it, but ended up loving it. He is a joy in our life. The kids adore him and he makes me smile everyday. He hasn't really developed any new tricks other than he has ditched baby food and formula and now eats what we eat and drinks milk. Still working on vocabulary and walking but he is doing great!

So we had a Family & Friends birthday party for Preston on Sunday and I pretty much forgot all about pictures. I am sorry we had fun hanging out with our friends and getting the kids all sugared up. Preston received some great gifts from our friends. He really loved the walker the Force's bought him. We got awesome video of his first test run with it.