Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jocelyn turns 7 years old

Usually for birthdays I am completely on top of things and make sure there are plenty of batteries in the camera for pictures. This time I dropped the ball big time, not only did I not have any batteries for the camera but my phone wasn't even charged up so I only managed a few less than fabulous pictures.. so my apologies.

Since Jo was away from the majority of her friends for her birthday we wanted her to extra special. We all got up super early and went to IHOP which is becoming a birthday tradition amongst our kids. In a fun coincidence our good friends the Connellys just happen to be going out to breakfast too so Jo got to eat with her friend Ali. After a yummy breakfast we took Jo to Walmart so she could go pick out her present from daddy. We spent the rest of the day playing at the pool and hanging out with friends.

Again, just like Preston we planned a birthday party for her on Sunday so that Daddy could be there to celebrate. Sunday was a blast we had cake and ice cream. The kids played freeze dance, hot & cold, and a few other games they made up. Jocelyn was completely spoiled by friends yet again and had a wonderful birthday.

It seems so crazy to me that she is now 7 years old, she is such a wonderful big sister and is an amazing helper. She amazes me each day by how much she is growing up and becoming such a beautiful young lady. Her favorite things are barbies and playing mommy. She loves strawberry milk, hard boiled eggs and chips & salsa. She is reading like a champ and getting very good at math. We are so grateful that she came into our lives!