Friday, June 24, 2011

Hanging out with Daddy

When we lived in Fort Worth, we had talked about taking the kids to one of these dinner shows because there was one fairly close in Dallas but never did. Since we are near Dallas for the Summer we decided the 2.5 hour drive was totally worth it to go see it. We went with a bunch of our other Pinnacle friends that are out here too.

This is the Dallas Castle, the kids were so excited. Jocelyn was talking non stop about getting to see a real princess.

This was one of the horses that they used in the show. The kids thought it was so cool to see a real horse. They've seen horses before but I guess this one was special since it was a "royal" horse.

This was the meal we ate during the show.. surprisingly our kids ate most of their meals too.

Ethan was jaw open, eyes wide during the entire show. His favorite part was when the knights were sword fighting and the swords would make sparks when they hit. Jocelyn was pretty funny too, she loved cheering for our knight (The Red Knight) and would chant " GO RED KNIGHT GO" over and over again with her friend Lily. She and Caitlyn also got their faces painted and Ethan purchased a sword so he could be like one of the knights. It was such a fun experience to have with our kids, it has really made me so excited to take them to Disney Land and experience all the Characters.