Friday, July 22, 2011

"Ketchup" Time

Here are some pictures and a video from the end of June before I add all the fun things we have done in July.

Just in case we forgot we are in TEXAS... land of Big bugs this very nasty cockroach decided to remind us... He was HUGE and super fast. Honestly, I will kill most bugs but when they run at me.. well it becomes a job for Dave.

Preston trying his hand at diced carrots... not a huge fan...YET!

So I had promised Jo that we would have a mommy daughter day a little while ago.. but with traveling and such we had been so busy. I finally became good on my promise. Jocelyn and I went with a few of the other moms and daughters out here to IHOP for breakfast. Then we had a quick pedicure before the Dad's had to leave for work and could no longer watch the other kids. Jocelyn loves getting all girlie, we had so much fun.

Preston finally figured out how to clap!! YAY!!