Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 Months old

WOW... is it really that close to 1 year. I can hardly believe how fast Preston is growing up and I know it is just going to continue to speed up as the kiddos keep me on my feet. Preston is such an awesome baby and is so relaxed. He has started pulling himself up onto furniture and is attempting to walk around while he holds on to things. He now has two bottom teeth and we are experimenting with trying big people food so we can do away with the baby purees. He babbles a lot and says "mama" and "dada". We are still working with him to clap and wave hi. He absolutely adores his siblings and thinks they are so funny. I can't believe how blessed I am to have this little guy in my life, he is such a great addition to our family. Here are some recent pictures and videos of him.


Anonymous said...

Amber.... if he gets any sweeter i am just going to gooble him up.... his eye lashes are to die for. and he is always so happy... what a big boy.... walking and pulling himself up.. Priceless.... MOM