Monday, May 30, 2011

Tyler, Texas for the Summer!!

We left for Tyler, TX early Saturday morning and spent a very very long day in the car. The kids did great, we have trained them well. Misha was a trooper and traded me spot in the passenger seat when I needed to go back and take care of the babies. The kids did very little sleeping but they were very excited. We stopped for dinner in Albuquerque at a Village Inn and got some "non-fast food" food, the kids were pretty well behaved for being in the car for over 12 hours. Then we drove all the way to a little town just a few miles outside of Amarillo where we stopped for the night around 1 am. Dave and I were exhausted and the kids couldn't get comfortable in their car seats so it was a good time to stop.
Sunday morning we left the Best Western and headed for our Home away from Home for the next 3 months. The apartment is a lot better than I was expecting, we seem to have plenty of room for the kiddos to play and the complex has 2 pools which gives us a great get away during the day. Here are a few pictures from the inside of our place...