Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ethan turns 5!!

Ethan's birthday was very busy this year. It started off with a drive to the airport to pick up daddy followed by a mad dash back up to Logan so he could be on time to preschool. After preschool we came home and had a Transformer cake and ice cream party with friends. We were very fortunate this year that is was a beautiful warm sunny day so the kids played in the backyard most of the time. We had asked Ethan a few days prior to his party where he would like to go eat for his birthday dinner and he had decided he wanted pancakes. So after the party we loaded up the kids and went to IHOP. It was pretty fun especially when a few of the waiters and waitresses came over and sang happy birthday to him. He had a great birthday and received tons of gifts from all our friends.

He specifically asked for a scooter and a boy zhu zhu pet this year.... so that's what he got from Dave and I :)

Another fun surprise came a few days later when My Dad and Miriam drove down to spend the weekend with us. I'll blog about that later but they did bring Ethan some more awesome Transformers. Thank you so much to all our Friends and Family who helped us celebrate my little man turning 5!