Monday, May 30, 2011

Ethan's Preschool Graduation

Ethan is officially done with Preschool and has changed so much in the course of one school year. He has truly come out of his shell and although he is still not one who enjoys being the center of attention, he has definatley become less shy. The last week or so of preschool they had a show-off for you parents day in each of his activity classes, so I brought the camera along and snagged some pictures along with a few from his actual preschool graduation. He was in a less than stellar mood at the actual graduation so I only got pictures of him after the performances.

Mondays Ethan went to Tumbling for the first half of Preschool.

Wednesdays he did swimming class... PICTURES TO COME (they are all on Dave's cell phone)

Fridays he went to either Tennis or Movement (a.k.a Dance) however, I missed his movement class day so I only have pictures and video from his Tennis day.

Then of course he smiles for mom after the big Preschool Graduation performance where they sang some of the songs that the kids had learned over the course of the year. Ethan spent the whole performance standing next to one of his teachers and making a frowny face as he didn't want to sing. What a funny kid.