Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween, Family photos and a growing baby boy....

Okay starting with the most recent and working backwards. Preston is 4 months old now and it honestly feels like he is growing up at warp speed. My last little baby is getting so big. He has gained about 3 lbs and 2 inches from his last visit, which is awesome, as he is now on the growth charts. As for new baby tricks he is smiling, cooing and interacting a lot more. He rolls over almost anytime we have him on his tummy. He has also discovered his hands and has them in his mouth most of the day. Here is his stats card and foot prints from the Dr. office.

He was showing off his strength with daddy the other night.. working on sitting up by himself. Sorry blurry picture but he was a little wobbly.

A few weeks ago we had family pictures taken in Saratoga Springs by my dear friend Mikki ( She did a great job! She was able to get great shots of us all in such a short time before it started pouring rain. She even managed to get my very grouchy Caitlyn to smile in a few shots. Thanks Mikki! Here are just a few of my favorites:

And last but not least our Halloween fun!! We first took the kids to the Cache Valley Mall for trick or treating but the line was so crazy long that we only did half the mall. We then went to Lee's Market Place for their grocery store trick or treat. I think its my new favorite because they pass out things like doughnuts, chocolate milk, cheese stick and the occasional candy. The kids were brave enough to go through the "haunted back room" this year... BUT got completely freaked out. After all that fun we went home and carved are family pumpkin.. I think it is the best one we have ever done. The kids decided on the shape and size of the eyes, nose and mouth.
After dinner Dave took Ethan and Jocelyn to a few of the neighbors houses but seeing as it was pouring rain they came back soon and helped mommy pass out candy. I think they enjoyed that part the most because every time the doorbell rang they were both right at the door to see what the other kids were dressed as.


Kristen said...

I love those ones of you and Dave, so cute! They all turned out great.

Thayne and Krystal Family said...

Your family pictures are darling :) Haha and I love that I saw so many babies (including mine) in the orange and black striped onesie this year!!!