Saturday, October 16, 2010

What we've been up to....

Well it's mid-October and since my last post, the Yates family have been busy busy busy.

Dave returned home from Texas on Sunday October 4th. The kids were so excited to hear that daddy was driving home that they wanted to make a sign for him... so we did. He got to see the beautiful artwork at around 3am that morning when he arrived. We made him breakfast and the kiddos talked his ear off the rest of that day.

I have got to take more pictures of my other precious babies, but here is the latest news on them.

Jocelyn is doing great in school. We had her parent teacher conference last week and she is doing great. She needs to work on a few number reversals and spelling her sight words, but other than that she is excelling.

Ethan is enjoying preschool. We are working on his writing skills and letter recognition. His speech is really starting to improve and I think his interaction with kids his age is really helping that. His favorite part of preschool is still swimming.

Caitlyn is changing so much each day. She has such a funny personality and enjoys making us laugh. She is gaining new words all the time. Her favorite thing to do right now is cuddle up with mommy or daddy and watch Tinkerbell.

Preston is now 3 months old and growing up so fast. He holds his head up very well, smiles, coo's and can roll over from tummy to back. Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last month of Preston doing his tummy time or playtime.