Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jocelyn's Girls Only Club

Jocelyn had been asking me and asking me if she could have some friends over for a "Girls only club" for several weeks now and every time it was just too crazy to have more kids over at our house. Well this last Friday I finally caved and said she could invite some girls from school. She invited over three friends from school: Shaylee C., Afton O. and Elle T. and one of our friends daughters from Pinnacle Lily F.

Jocelyn planned the who afternoon which started with making sugar cookies, then painting fingernails. They then watch a Strawberry shortcake movie, ate popcorn and played card games while the cookies cooled. Then they were give some frosting and topping and went to town on the sugar cookies. Jocelyn and her friends Shaylee went crazy with the toppings. Almost all the girls scarfed their cookies as soon as the were decorated. They finished the evening by playing dress up and pretending they were princesses and witches.

Even though I was exhausted and still getting over a sore throat it was so fun to talk with the girls and see them all interact. It really has me looking forward to the fun girls nights she'll have when she is a teenager.

Ethan, Caitlyn and Preston were great during the whole thing too. Ethan sat upstairs watching Scooby-doo movies and snacking on popcorn with daddy. Caitlyn and Preston both took naps for almost the entire time. Here are some pictures I sneaked in of the girls. I couldn't help it, it was all too cute.