Monday, August 31, 2009

Ultrasound today..

Well needless to say, it was a bit disappointing today as we were really hoping to see more than just the gestational sac and possibly the yolk sac. They did an abdominal ultrasound which is notorious for seeing very little detail in early pregnancy and since I am only about 6 weeks along, I got to stare at a very pretty circle. However, even though there isn't much to look at my blood work numbers came back great and everything seems to be looking great for right now so, wahoo! They have set my EDD for April 24th, 2010. I guess now we just sit and wait for my ultrasound on the 23rd at my perinatologist office to actually see the baby since they will definitely do a much higher quality ultrasound. Please keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming that this little one is growing great even though we didn't see it yet.