Monday, August 3, 2009

Jocelyn's Summer Dance Performance

Okay so it wasn't this big extravagant recital because they have only been in class for 4 weeks, it was more of her normal class expect we got to go in and watch... I took a ton of videos but have decided that for Christmas this year I would love a camcorder because my camera just can't hack it. Anyways she did really well and loves dance even though it took a week for her to get use to her teacher. The only thing I can really say is bless her teacher for putting up with my little diva. Jocelyn is quite a chatty girl and has an issue or a question about every 10 minutes.. School should be interesting.

So the first half of her class was Ballet.. They did some warm up dancing and then several across the floor activities... Relavae, Skip-hops, Toe points, etc. Their teacher then had them do a few of the things they learned by themselves. Then they did a cute little performance to a song about different dreams.

The last half of the class is Tap.. this is when Jocelyn gets extra chatty because she is tired... pretty cute and sad at the same time to see her yawn in class..but she sticks with it. They did more songs during tap I think mainly because the school knows the kids start to get restless by then. The last "big" performance they did was, I guess you could call it a tap number to "Going on a Bear Hunt" All the kids seemed to really enjoy this one!

So this last Video will be some serious Blackmail someday...Oh how I love my little "BIG" girl.


Todd Sorensen said...

I LOVE These pictures of my Jo.... So Cute.... I miss her. Where are the videos. I only see stills

Todd Sorensen said...

JoJO you are the very best dancer in the whole world. you dance just like the danceing princessesBUT you are way way cuter than any of them, I am so proud of you you are such a BIG GIRL,, I LOVE you sooooo much and I want to see you soon,