Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jocelyn's Dentist Appt.

Okay so I finally (yes, I know I am a slacker, my hand has been slapped) got my kiddos into the dentist in May. Only to find out my poor Jocelyn has my awful porous teeth, which translated into 4 cavities, honestly I don't know very many people that think to floss toddlers teeth. Anyways today was her first experience with "the dentist" the way many of us in our adult age expect to experience, with drilling and shots... She was soooo GOOD!!
They came back to get me after they had numbed her up to tell me how proud they were of how well she was doing. She didn't cry and raised her hand if she was uncomfortable, I was sooo impressed with my little jo. She is getting so big and is doing so many things by herself now..its crazy. Here is her new silver tooth she got today she goes back for fillings at the end of the month, poor kiddo.


Todd Sorensen said...

i wish i could look that cute showing off my caps..
JoJo you are soooo brave. I Love You ALL.