Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jocelyn's 5th Birthday!!

So the original plan for Jocelyn's Birthday was to go to our neighborhood pool and spend the morning testing out her new goggles she got the other day. However, when we woke up that morning it started pouring rain. we then thought we would go see a movie instead but all the movies were either 3D (which my kids won't wear the glasses to watch) or started way too late in the afternoon (Jo had dance class). So after driving around for a bit we finally decided we would take the kiddos to Bass Pro Shop and they could see the fish and all the "stuffed" animals. Surprisingly they had a good time checking out all the fish. Sorry for the bad pics, camera phones only do so much. We came back home and put the kids down for a short nap before Jocelyn and I headed off to her dance class. She had such a fun time at dance and loved giving all her little classmates the goody bags we made. After that the whole fam headed off to get Chinese as that was what the birthday girl wanted for her birthday dinner. Now this is one thing about Texas, you can pretty much find Mexican food anywhere but a good Chinese place is pretty tough. We finally found a place that wasn't buffet style but I don't think they get dine in customers very often because we got all our food in take out boxes...LOL. Oh well it was yummy and Jocelyn got her "noodles" (aka- chicken lo mein).

Once we were done with dinner we headed home for some cake and ice cream with friends. The kids had a blast and didn't eat hardly any cake but spent most of the evening playing. When everyone left Jocelyn and Dave went out in the front and took her new bike and safety gear for a spin. I still can't believe how big she is getting! Happy Birthday Jocelyn, we love you!!


Todd Sorensen said...

WOW!!!! JOJO you had such a GREAT day. You are getting so BIG..ILove You Sooooo Much!! I miss you all ach and every day. can't wait to see you again in Oct. It seems like a long way off but I know it will be her soon.. Hugs and Kisses MOM