Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have Internet!!!!

Yeah!!!!!! So it has only taken us a month and several aweful companies to finally get the much needed High Speed Internet. But we have made some great friends here in Texas whom just happen to work for AT&T. I don't know if he was just a miracle worker or what but this 3rd attempt at establishing internet through them has worked! So lets all dance in our seats and celebrate the fact that I can now update my blog!!!

Okay latest and greatest baby news...I had an appointment yesterday with my perinatologist and it went wonderfully. They did a scan of Caitlyn and she is measuring pretty close to right on track, weighing in at an estimated 4lbs. 9oz.. She has flipped again and is head down AGAIN!! We just hope she will stay put but she is incrediably active and well I wouldn't be suprised if she does the flip flop thing each week for a bit. They then measured my cervix to see if the contractions I had been having are sending me into preterm labor... GOOD NEWS... my cervix has grown :) last appointment it was 2.6cm and yesterdays appointment it was a wopping 3.5cm (for those who need it longer is better). They were all very excited and said whatever I am doing right now (weekly 17P shots, 5mg Terbutaline every 8hrs, and trying to stay off my feet) is working great and keep it up!! They also did another fFN test which came back negative so hopefully another 2 weeks at least. The best part was they are so confident this little one is not coming out yet that they released me back to my OB so no more peri visits!!!

So the game plan from here on out is continuing the meds until 35-36weeks and then let nature run its course... My delivery date prediction for fun is March 24th, I will be 37 weeks and thats when I delivered jojo so I think its good girl karma. Here is the latest belly shot I took at 32 weeks, I think my body is starting to max out because I don't see a big difference. I'll take a better pic on monday as I am getting my hair done for my birthday and will have to show it off too!!!

P.S. Yes, I know I am pastey and need to get out in the Texas sun :)


Todd Sorensen said...

Amber you look sooooo GREAT!!!!! I am so excited that you now have internet. We can now skype. I miss your faces. I Love you all.

Todd Sorensen said...

Awesome news all the way around. I am so happy for you. Glad you are doing well... We miss you