Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sorry I am MIA

okay well after the latest and greatest Internet drama, we are yet again waiting for a modem to show up and for the time being are using Dial-up (which totally rocks). SO this will be a really quick update. I am 32weeks today, wahoo!!!! have a dr. appt on friday and am excited to see Caitlyn again. I have been having a few contraction during the day but most of the consistent annoying ones happen at night, which if they are doing anything to my cervix may result in more meds to try to stop them. My last fFN test on 2/11 came back negative which was good and my cervix had only shortened a small amount with little funneling so they were feeling confident that the 17P shots were doing there thing. Other than that I am getting bigger and more uncomfortable with every squirm this little one makes. Dave is doing great and is really starting to get into a selling groove. The two tornadoes are doing great and have been adjusting really really well. I will update with pics and such once we have real Internet.