Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today was Jocelyn's big day performing at the Sand Expo Center at their Festival of Trees event. She was very excited all morning to get her costume on and dance. I was really nervous that when we got there she would get scared and wouldn't want to do it. However she surprised me and was a really big girl, once she saw her dance teacher she grabbed her hand and I snuck off to go sit in front of the stage and wait for her to perform. She did a great job and remembered a lot of the steps. After the performance we walked around to look at all the trees. Then as a fun surprise we took Jo and E to Maggie Moos for some ice cream.

Ethan enjoyed seeing sister dance too eventhough he was a stinker for the camera :)


Fun with the Fenton's said...

Jocelyn is so adorable!! She is getting so big!! Glad you guys had a fun evening!

Todd Sorensen said...

1dog4catjeweI Just LOVE it and Jojo (and of ourse all of you) The dance was just as cute as the first time. What a great Show, LOVE YOU XOXOXOX MOM