Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jocelyn's Preschool Christmas Program

Today was Jocelyn's Preschool Christmas Program and as excited as she was in the car to be a building block in one of the songs, she lost the excitement once we got to the Legacy Center. After a good while of coaxing and tears she finally sat on her teachers lap for the performance. She really didn't do much other than sit there until the last few songs of the program... so we decided to do mostly pictures so you don't have to watch a full hour worth of her sitting.

And of course after it was all said and done she was as happy as can be and couldn't wait to get her candy cane. We said a special thanks to her preschool teacher Mrs. Cochran for helping smooth out the situation. Ethan was a lucky little guy and got to try on sisters costume for a photo opt. What a couple of cuties.