Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip to Washington

Since we live so close to Washington now, it just makes sense to go up and visit with my we did. We drove up with Miriam on Monday May 19th and played for a couple days. After a semi-good nights rest (kiddos were too excited to be at Grandma and Grandpa's to sleep) We had a slow start to the morning. Ethan spent his morning chatting with their dog Chip, and Jojo as you can tell was so pleasant relaxing in the chair.
We decided after a short trip to the store that drawing with chalk outside would be a nice way to spend a warmer day in the sun. With a little help from Grandpa they both figured out how to use the fun chalk tools and Ethan even figured out how to draw with chalk.
Of course it didn't take too long for Jo to get bored and want to do something else.
Even though our trip was a short one we had a ton of fun and are really excited for them to come down and visit us. Since we didn't drive up we got to go home on the train, which was a new experience for both me and the kiddos. As you will notice there are no actual pictures of us on the train.. but just imagine travelling with two young children without naps and who are really really excited to ride the train for the first time...makes more sense now huh!