Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring 2012 Updates

I decided that the easiest way to tackle this massive project of updating what has been going on with our busy little family over the last year is to do it by seasons. Hopefully I don't miss anything too important.


The month of march is a little bit of a blur since I had just had a baby. I spent my 29th birthday recouping from delivery and loving on my new sweet little bundle. My mom, Dave and the kiddos decorated the kitchen, made gifts and surprised me with a yummy cake.
We spent a lot of time those first few weeks trying to make sure all of the other kiddos felt important and special. The logistics of getting the older kids to school while taking care of the younger three was still quite a challenge but with Dave's help we were getting it figured out.

Ethan's first set of stitches.
Such a brave kiddo.
On March 16th, while my mom was up visiting and helping around the house, I received a call from the school that Ethan had fallen during recess and that he needed to be taken to the doctor. My mom took off to the school and picked him up to take him to the Pediatrician. He had been climbing up the slide ladder and was pushed which caused him to slip and hit his chin rather hard on the steps of the ladder. He ended up needing several stitches in his chin. He was such a trooper and stayed pretty calm while they stitched him up. Later we discovered that he had chipped two of his teeth and required two caps to be placed on them so they would not get food trapped in them and rot. He was pretty proud of those stitches the next day at school, such a boy.

We celebrated Adalyn's actual Due Date, March 17th St. Patrick's Day with some festive treats and snacks... Not to mention making sure everyone in the family was wearing their green as to avoid any pinchers and tricksters.
St. Patrick's Day March 2012
Next up was Our little Miss Cailtyn's 3rd birthday. She decided that she wanted to have a Rapunzel birthday, which seemed fitting since she was our little Rapunzel. We took her to go get her Rapunzel hair cut like a big girl. She absolutely loved being pampered and did a great job sitting still. We made a yummy dinner and then had our tower cupcakes and presents. She had a great birthday and loved celebrating  with her siblings.
Happy 3rd Birthday Caitlyn Marie


Lost another tooth.

We started the month of April off with a celebration of our 9th Wedding Anniversary followed by a few good-byes. We said good-bye to Dave as he left for the hard work of the summer in Texas and then we said good-bye to Jocelyn's tooth. She gets so excited to actually loose teeth because the first several baby teeth of hers have had to be pulled.

With Dave gone is was up to me to pull off  some Easter fun. So the kids and I decorated the house and prepared for a fun Sabbath day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. April 8th the kids woke up to bright colorful baskets of goodies and activities. Even Miss Adalyn had received a special surprise from the Easter bunny. After a healthy breakfast of doughnuts and juice we got ready for church.
Easter Morning
Following Church we came home to do our annual Easter egg hunt. I am not going to lie, it was a pretty bummer of a day for me to do everything solo; however the kids had a great time searching for those treat filled eggs and it was gorgeous weather out. Each year we try to help the kids understand why we celebrate the Easter and that its true meaning isn't the Easter bunny or treats but is to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior. I know as they get older it will gain greater meaning to them.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Since it was just the kiddos and I we spent a lot of our time just being silly and having fun. We made a paper chain to count down the days until Dave would fly back home to pack us up to go to Texas. The kiddos tried on some of their new swim gear to make sure it was fitting before we packed it up to take with us. Jocelyn finished up her year with La Shar's dance and spent most of the month preparing for the dance review in May.
Having fun around the house while waiting to join Daddy for the summer.


The month of May was a busy one for our family. We started the month off with a Transformers birthday for our big little man Ethan. He had a fun lunch at McDonald's followed by a fun party with friends. They played search a rescue Transformers, Hot and Cold, and a treasure hunt for the cube. It was a great day and seriously can't believe how big my little preemie has grown over the years.

Happy 6th Birthday Ethan Douglas
 We spent the next few weeks of the month getting things ready for the summer, packing up clothes, cleaning the house, and finishing up the kids school year. Fortunately for us the kids school has been great in accommodating our crazy life and allowed the kids to withdraw early from school so that we could join Dave sooner. Dave flew home on the 19th to help us pack up. We arranged to have Adalyn blessed on the 20th  and had all of our wonderful family there to celebrate and welcome our last baby into the church. That night we packed up the car and took off to leave the next morning. We actually were able to celebrate Dave's 32nd birthday out on the road, with a yummy dinner and a bag of road trip goodies. After a very long 2 days on the road we arrived in Houston, Texas ready for a fun summer in the hot sun.
Our Adventure in Texas Begins