Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Brave Jo and Random Pictures

On our way home from Washington I noticed that one of Jocelyn's front permanent teeth had started to come through, however it was behind her baby tooth and her baby tooth was not loose at all. So I called her Dr. that Monday and they got us in right away. After her appointment it became clear that she needed to have all four of her bottom front teeth pulled in order to make room for the new permanent teeth to come in straight. So Monday morning we got up early and went in. Jocelyn was so brave. She was a little nervous at first to even sit in the chair but, once they got "How to train your Dragon" and the laughing gas on she was fine. She didn't make a peep when they gave her shots to numb her gums and actually started talking up a storm while they were removing her teeth. Afterwards she received two toys from the dentist and a barbie from the store with mom because she had done so well for the dentist. Here is her new toothless smile.
Here are some random pictures of the other munchkins... They are so cute!
Oh and the dog.