Friday, September 3, 2010

Preston's Baby Blessing

Preston Everett Yates
Blessed August 29th, 2010 @ 9:00 a.m
Meadows 1st ward in Logan, Utah
So this last Sunday, August 29th we decided to take advantage of the fact that Dave was in town and blessed Preston. We found out on the 23rd that Dave would be flying home for the weekend so, we put in a call to our new bishop to see if we could bless Preston that following Sunday. However, we didn't find out it was okay until the Saturday before, so needless to say it was a mad dash to tell family and friends. Then I was off to find Ethan's blessing suit which I had hung up in the closet for Preston to wear, but when I went to get it it was gone. I searched the house high and low to no success. So we spent our Saturday evening going to Dressed in White to get a new outfit, which I absolutely adore. We were not expecting many to be there on Sunday morning but were blown away by how supportive our family and friends were to just change plans and show up. It was a absolutely wonderful blessing and a little bitter sweet that this was the last baby blessing we would be doing for our little (well I guess big) family. Right after church we headed back to our house for cinnamon rolls and juice to celebrate. Here are a few pictures from that wonderful day.


emma said...

i absolutely LOVE your precious family! wish i could have been at the blessing! so nice to at least be able to see pictures of it! thanks for updating so often i have alot of fun reading about all the updates!