Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade

Here is my absolutely adorable first grader the morning of her first day of school, can you tell she is so excited. Since we moved from Texas where she was in all day Kindergarten she has been looking forward to going into first grade here in Utah, since Kindergarten here was 1/2 day. She missed recess and lunch time, hot lunch in particular. Ethan, Caitlyn, Preston and I walk Jocelyn all the way to her class and then waited patiently at home until it was time to pick her up. It was really nice to have such a calm home with her at school, I think she has been going stir crazy with my limited mobility this summer.

After school the verdict was in... she had a great first day. She has a few friends from her kindergarten class in her class this year and she was able to play with her other two best friends during recess. When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was she replied recess (of course what child won't love that). She likes her teacher and can't wait until we put some money in her lunch account so she can get hot lunch.

Other than being a bit crabby in the evening she did great and is looking forward to going to school each day. YAY!!